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By P.J.Tagg

Scary Tales is a compilation of 13 ghost and horror stories aimed to entertain, titillate, creep out and scare the reader.

Totals (207,104 words and 753 pages DS or 377 pages SSP)


P. J. Tagg was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, growing up in nearby Belmont, Massachusetts.  At 17 going off to college to film school at USC, while studying there with notables in their professions – Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Serling and being introduced to the wonderful world of horror and darkness.

After spending some time in New York City creating game shows and ghost writing, P. J. moved back to Massachusetts to attend writing classes at Harvard University and taking a further look into the dark side.  One day he was knocked over by God Almighty while in the midst of researching the life on the dark side and has been living a Christian life style since the awakening.
These stories have been in the works for many years and finally came to pass as Scary Tales
In 1997 P. J. took a giant leap of faith and married a fearsome and brave Christian woman.  They reside, to this day, deep in the woods of New Hampshire where the darkness is only in the forest.

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Burgess Clemente, a left wing college professor reluctantly takes his two young sons to Gettysburg Pennsylvania for the annual battle re-enactments. Although a history professor, his contempt for heroism and patriotism, is, to most Americans contemptible itself. His boys love him and are elated to go on this trip, especially since his estranged wife Trudy is always accusing him of emotional neglect. Something happens the first night to Burgess; he is transported back to the real battle for those three days in 1863. His self righteous attitudes about genuine patriotism and sacrifice are challenged, when ghosts of those three days put on a show he’ll never forget. Does the experience change Burgess’ twisted views of people forced to war and his own personal life and marriage?

A present day couple Ambert and Ilene Sumner inherit the Lachlan Farm in Salem Massachusetts from Ambert’s grandmother Morla Sumner. The farm once was the scene of a lynching in 1645. The English Puritans hung Brenna Lachlan. She was a powerful witch, of which, they had had enough. Before she was hung from the black oak tree, (that is still on the property to this day), she cursed the place and the future peace for anyone who would live there. Ambert and Ilene are held by Morla’s Will to live on the property. A stipulation in the Will allowing them to inherit the several million dollars she left them. They must endure not only Morla’s best friend Melina Redmond, an obnoxious local Salem witch, but also the very real curse from Brenna Lachlan. If they refuse they don’t get anything and Melina gets it all for her psychic research center. This curse had been effective enough to destroy the lives of everyone who ever tried to live on the premises. It becomes an amazing battle for the Sumners as they encounter the malevolent spirits first hand. Will they endure and inherit the fortune or quit and flee or die trying to stay?

Jody Constantine is a very pretty but obese teenage girl. Shy and a home body, Jody loves to have the house to herself, which is often. Her well to do parents are always out or away and that suites Jody fine. Jody is at that age when her interest in boys is overwhelming her. She falls in love with a jock that is kind to her at school but not interested in Jody relationship wise. Through a parental business association with Dante DeAngelo’s (the love object of Jody) legal guardian he is forced on a date with her. Jody after the date is on cloud nine and believes Dante wants her. She has a life with Dante all planned out in imagination. He doesn’t. His cruel friends make sure Jody finds out that Dante is just being kind and she commits suicide, because her love for Dante was so strong. Dante who had a pretty great life as a high school sports hero now has a dilemma. What to do about Jody, who won’t leave him alone?

                Deidre, Ireland known for its many Wraths is the setting for this tale of horror. The Wrath was what they called land occupied by supernatural creatures of the four elements referred to as The Elementals. It was an old Celtic expression for place of rage, anger, and revenge. In addition, Wrath from the Elementals was what one would encounter if caught trespassing their land by the possessive creatures. Of course, the local authorities would never post any No Trespassing signs around a Wrath, for fear that would anger or provoke the Elementals.  These beings brought mischievous physical and spiritual activities, calamitous bad luck, and even death to those who had taken up residence in their old meadows, forest habitats, country pathways, and stomping grounds, like routine deer paths. Unlike deer, however, these supernatural beings of the air, earth, water and fire, would never run away the moment a human was spotted.  Instead, they violently attacked those who blocked the Elementals’ paths and or occupied Elementals’ meadows.
The company that bought an old abandoned castle in Deidre was Ellison, Price, and Gunther, known worldwide for the fine clothing they manufactured. The authorized land agent and company representative was Harris Walsh, a good-looking well-dressed 54 year old American man. Unfortunately the castle they bought was deserted for a reason; it was right in the middle of a Wrath. Ellison and company had no clue of what was in store for them when they attempted to rebuild the castle into a modern garment factory.

                Charles Clayton exemplifies the expression, but for the grace of God, go I. because he was a homeless man that enjoyed the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge Massachusetts. Charlie was known by local North Cambridge kids as Charlie Rat where he was alleged to have lived there and survived off killing and eating river rats. The truth was Charles was a college educated, decorated Vietnam War veteran who once had a charmed life, but then through a series of horribly tragic events became depressed and homeless. He lived at a homeless shelter in Boston and his days were consumed on the benches and banks of the Charles River rain or sunshine. He loved to stay there all day. Then walk back to the shelter by dark. Anyone could easily spot Charlie and his cart of possessions on the banks as they drove past on either Storrow or Memorial Drives. Charlie existed this way all year until Christmas where he worked odd jobs shoveling doing whatever necessary to raise money. The money went to buying Christmas toys for children of the homeless at the shelters in the area. Charlie literally lived for this. He lived for this until the day he was murdered after an altercation by Cameron Burke a student at Harvard. For awhile Cameron and his friends get away with the murder. One day Charlie returns and haunts Cameron, haunts Cameron until he becomes just like Charlie. 

                   There is an old saying, if these walls could talk what a yarn they would spin.
                   A young family named Verda had just purchased a beautiful duplex condominium in a large forty unit building in the Back Bay area of Boston, Massachusetts. The building itself was old, going back to the 1800s, formerly a home for so-called troubled children that were either orphaned or abandoned. The building met with many changes and owners over the years. Many old building have their share of sadness. Something one day happened in an apartment of the building that was sickening and vile. Through no fault of the Verda’s they encounter the residual horror remaining in their new condominium. A horrifying presence embedded in the wall of their son Vaughn’s room, a bizarre, whiny voiced, twisted boy’s face known to Vaughn as Wimpy.
                   After many years of sewing his wild oats and amassing a great fortune all Paul Barry at age 39 wanted was to marry the woman of his dreams. After voluminous quantities of women he bedded and found much pleasure in making sexually, he finally found the one to which he surrended his heart. Andrea Hoyt was only 29 and as beautiful as she was kind and loving. Paul had everything in place to take her as his wife. Together they could have it all. Live anywhere, do anything. Andrea wanted that role with all her heart as well. So why didn’t it happen? It all had to do with an entity named Creepy that controlled Paul’s love life.

                Jose Perdita broke the bank in Las Vegas. All that was left now was to get home to Los Angeles as fast as possible in his new Porsche 944. The desert passed by as a big blur when the small town of Kerr Nevada wasn’t part of that blurred desert scenery. Kerr was the place Jose was forced by the Sherriff of the town to come in and pay a speeding ticket. Jose followed the Sherriff into Kerr to pay the fine, after all he was speeding, and how long could it take an hour Jose thought. What was an hour out of his schedule he figured, nothing. Unfortunately for Jose, what he thought and what he encountered in Kerr were two terrifyingly different things.

                Everything about the new house was perfect and newlyweds Jay and Courtney loved it. They loved and enjoyed each other as well. This was a typical neighborhood.  At first glance, nothing seemed out of place.  The middle class homes were certainly not posh but looked comfortable and well kept.  There was no hint of anything unusual unless one went down to the end of the street where they set two houses side by side, on a cul-de-sac, off by themselves with one home across the street. The three houses formed a strange triangle. Yet here, children did not play and birds did not sing.  To look upon these two homes on the right side of the street, nothing seemed frightening or at all menacing.  The house on the left was as attractive as the house on the right and both were pretty much the same. Yes looks are deceiving. Jay and Courtney would soon find out that their street had some terrible secrets and those secrets would affect them and their peace.

Bad economic times hit all of the country hard starting in 2008. A group of friends having lost their jobs were near desperate when they decided to rob and ransack a house no one lived in yet was full of expensive stuff. They heard about 13 Bat Cove Lane. The old colonial was three stories high and had four bedrooms three and a half bath rooms a large, modern, fully equipped eat in kitchen. There was beautiful woodwork throughout, a stone fireplace in a great room, and a formal living room and dining room. It had more closets than the average residence and a huge family room and even a one-bedroom attic apartment with its own kitchenette and bathroom.
The Beatles song Helter Skelter was blaring at full volume from the CD audio system speakers inside the house of the young wealthy owners. They and two teenage daughters 16 and 14 run out of the house at 3:00 a.m.?  They abandoned the home of their dreams forever leaving behind everything they owned. Running out into the street in the wee hours of the night completely naked, bleeding from cuts, scrapes, and bite marks all over their bodies. They escaped with absolutely nothing but their lives and the keys to the house and car. No one has gone near the place since except the police. So Henry and Thalia, Dallas and Alfreda decide to burglarize the house and pay some bills with whatever they can steal and sell from the property. As they soon find out they have picked on the Wrong House.

The two young boys were watching a show about Hitler’s Bunker where an old German soldier, Rochus Misch was talking about how he was Hitler’s personal telephone operator. He was with Hitler the last five years of the war right up to the end at the Bunker in Berlin. The Bunker was twenty feet under the Reich’s Chancellery in April of 1945. Misch was in his eighties and helping the archaeologists find the exact locations to all the rooms in the ruined Bunker of today. The television program used computer-generated images to show what it looked like back during the war. The boys were fascinated by the bunker. At one point Misch mentioned that he still remembered Adolph Hitler’s personal telephone number, “It was 12-00-5-0,” he went on to mention that the number was the last telephone Hitler had and used to make his most desperate calls. At their grandpa’s birthday celebration the boys go into his bedroom and call Hitler’s old phone number.  Their grandpa Moses Elias Israel had turned ninety years old. He was an amazing man with an extraordinary life. Twice widowed, Moses was also a survivor of the World War II Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. That night everyone went home. Moses was asleep in his bed when the telephone rings and wakes him he answers it and it is a call from 1945 Berlin Germany specifically Hitler’s bunker.


Dean and Betsy were happy in their home. They had been living there awhile when one day an entity moved in from the other side. Here is an excerpt of what it was like for the happy couple; Betsy saw an old woman suddenly appear so she screamed. The apparition of the old woman turned and saw a stunned and overwhelmed Betsy and screamed back at her. Betsy was horrified and screamed again.  The apparition exited the living room swiftly to the front hall, and out of the house, slamming the front door hard.  Betsy continued screaming and was too terrified to move a muscle. She finally stopped screaming after a few moments and regained her composure. Slowly she left the room.  Betsy could not imagine what this phantom wanted or how it got into her house or why it was doing the things, it did.  Betsy looked at the rearranged furniture in the living room. Violated, she froze with the feeling of losing control and looked around the room frightened by what may occur next Neither Dean nor Betsy had a clue as to why there nice normal was suddenly being visited by the ghost of a crazy old lady. They soon found out and the news was devastating.


Stewart McGregor tells his story in the first person of the life he had before and after he watched a DVD on his day off entitled “Evil.” How could something so innocent as watching a DVD have such a wicked effect on the heart mind and soul of a common every day guy who is for the most part like the rest of us. What is in this DVD that could alter a man so severely as to change his whole persona from a nice average guy into a horrifying monster? If you are out or on the internet and ever see a DVD entitled, “Evil” don’t go near it because it will do to you what it did to Stuart. Read his story and find out what horror happened to him because he watched the Evil DVD